Buddhist Philosophy

October 2017 (tbc)

Tuesdays 7 pm to 9 pm

7 Sessions


This class is an introduction to the ground, path and fruition of the the four schools of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy.

In the Indian Mahayana Buddhist monasteries, such as Nalanda, monks studied four systems of Buddhist tenets. These systems are:

  1. Vaibhashika
  2. Sautrantika
  3. Chittamatra (mind only)
  4. Madhyamika

The Tibetans have followed this custom and have made further subdivisions within these four systems.

This course is based on teachings given by Domenique Side (a senior international Rigpa instructor).

This is a sangha program class. Rigpa mandala students are invited to join.
Payment is by Subscription.