Starting Ngondro

Thursday Evenings,  20 July to 21 September, 7pm to 9pm


This class will provide an introduction to the practices of Ngondro – the preliminary or ‘foundation’ practices of Vajrayana Buddhism. The ngöndro practices are a profound and powerful means for effecting a deep purification and inner transformation, at every level of our being. Not only do they prepare the practitioner for the profound path of Vajrayana and teachings of Dzogchen, but they also lead him or her gradually towards the experience of enlightenment.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche said:

To accomplish the good of others, we must first perfect ourselves, by purifying and transforming our minds. This is the aim of what we call the preliminary practices, which establish the foundations of all spiritual progress“.

Prerequisites: 2 years of Introductory and Foundation Studies courses or equivalent, or have received teachings on  an Introduction to the Ngöndro or are a Rigpa Mandala student.

It is preferable that students have entered the sangha course program or would like to commence. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

 Payment for this class is by class fee or subscription.

Full Fee $200 Concession Fee $120

Rigpa’s policy is that financial difficulties should not be an obstacle to attending our courses. If this is an issue for you please contact us. 

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